Be a Cheap-O!

Time & Cost will be twice the amount estimated.  I’m slowly learning this. People are eager to spend your money.  Quotes will come in a very wide range.

Starting a new business venture in a recession has been very intimidating for me.  It’s been vital to stretch a buck out of ten cents. This comes natural for me with my penny pinching upbringing.

Alot of things can be done on your own to save money.

Corporation, trademark, copyright, tax certificate filings can all be done on your own. All the online applications are self explanatory. Just a little time and effort.

As for patents, a bit tricker and would suggest assistance.  In my case, I posted a free ad on my localCraigslist for help with patent assistance and found an inventor to help at a fraction of the cost.  Do use caution and check for references and completed work.

Shop online, and get multiple bids until you find the bottom…….you can find everything cheaper!

Challenge yourself, push to learn things that you didn’t think possible.  You’d be amazed at what you can do when you stretch the ol’nogen.

I’m not a tech person by any means, yet created my own website and blog.  My MacBook is loaded with software that is elementary to use and great for a starter site.

Save all you can on the little things, it adds up.  You’ll need it for the big ticket items of manufacturing and final patent issuance.

  1. – Name your price and have freelance professionals bid on your projects. 


  1.      Read the “How to Dummies Books” to master virtually anything.  


  1.      Shop manufacturers & distributors registered with Thomas Register.



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