Progress Report

Months of going back and forth with revisions has finally come to an end. So excited to finally get my 3D CAD drawings on my product finalized.  I guarantee my drawing architect is relieved to have me out of his hair.  I’ve been a bit knit-picky, but I know exactly what I want.  When you have this vision in your head, you can’t settle for anything less.   Now I have drawings to provide to the manufacturers in order to get quotes on producing my product.


I searched through Thomas Net for manufacturers, specializing in plastic injection molding parts.  Thomas Net gives you the contact information and website.  Once getting the company website, I then look at the company to see if they produce any similar parts.  After doing this for a few hours, I acquired a hefty list of emails to send quote requests.  Sent out a mass email entailing exactly what I was looking for and attached my drawings.


This is a discovery process of getting estimates on costs.   The main cost is the tooling of the machine to make the mold for the parts.  Based on my internet research, I’m expecting somewhere in the ballpark of $5,000 to create the molds and the actual parts less than .50 cents to make.  However, I’m planning on beating that price!


Very surprised to have a quote within a few hours. However, also sticker shocked at the estimate of between $8,000-$13,000.  Impressed with response time, but NO WAY on the price.


Received several calls and emails for more information.  I’ve been prompt in responding yet, not much urgency to get back to me.   I know that my project is small beans compared to their large potato contracts, but everyone starts somewhere.  I’m a small spud eager to grow!


Ever so often, I’m very delighted to find someone who stretches out of their routine box to offer me valuable guidance.  One manufacturer in particular, actually responded to me with concerns about a possible design flaw.  All the other manufacturers that I requested quotes from were just eager to bid on pricing.  


Back to the drawing table!  His feedback was dead on.  Just need a minor tweakz 😉


Based on the revisions I discussed with this fellow, he gave me an estimate of $3,000 for tooling and .30 cents for parts.  Sounds good to me and response time is impeccable. Not to mention, his attention to detail.  This may be my guy. 


Looks like I’m back to harassing my CAD guy again.  Hopefully it will be quick and painless this time.


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