Last Day of February 2009

Yippee!  I’m happy to see I have comments on my new blog.   Your support is motivating!

I’m addressing your questions in this post.

What is Tweakz?    I know, I’ve been somewhat vague.  Until I have the actual product to market, I’ve been reluctant to give out much information.  Reason for this; the product alone is very simple. The key is how the product is used.  Tweakz is a women’s fashion accessory. 

When will Tweakz be available?   I’m hoping in the next few months.  This last week, I ran into an obstacle with the design.   A very helpful manufacturer pointed out a potential flaw.  A quality product is really important to me. Therefore, I would rather wait to ensure the design is suitable.

Foreign manufacturer vs. made in the USA?   I definitely prefer to support my country.  However, I’m finding it’s all interrelated. Most foreign producers have US offices.  For instance, the manufacturer  I’m considering is a US company.  He does work in house, but also partners with companies in China on certain products to remain competitive.  Therefore, I would work with a US company but the product parts would be produced overseas.  Once I receive the parts, I will assemble together myself and with family labor 😉   At least, until I can afford to hire help.

I expect to spend more per piece on my first few runs.  The real cost savings comes when you order in high volume.   Until I get sales to justify the expense, I’ll stick with low volume production.

As for my man Donny Deutsch,  I found this post regarding the show.

CNBC puts “Big Idea with Donny Deutsch” on hiatus.

Given the condition of the economy, it’s hard to find anything positive on tv.  

We need these inspiring shows to give us hope and motivation.

I vote to get an online petition going to bring back the show.

As for now, you can watch previous episodes at the following sites.  

Search under Donny Deutsch or Big Idea


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