Make your own A-Team!

I was excited to have dinner last night with a long time friend.  You can tell what friends are good for you by how you feel after being around them.   Some friends bring you down, others bring you up.


Friends that bring you down are toxic, and should be eliminated from your life.


This friend however is very inspiring, supportive and intelligent.  I haven’t seen him in about a year, and divulged my information on Tweakz.  I hold Tweakz close to my heart since its still a young and tender baby.  Kinda like a little babies soft head, it needs to develop more before resisting any kind of impact from criticism.


Happily, he was very responsive and encouraging of my business plan.  How Exciting!


This positive response only further ignites my engine to push forward.  Just like the little engine that could; I think I can…..I think I can……I think I can……   I just keep trucking up that hill!


As for my current progress, I’m still waiting on the revisions to be completed by my CAD guy.  At this point, it’s been 2 weeks and still nothing yet.  I realize that he’s a busy guy, but the lack of attention to my project is really stating to urk me.  I’m paying him good money.   I posted an ad on Craigslist today looking for another CAD designer to complete the final revisions.  I’m sick of waiting.  Sorry, but there are people out there hungry for the business in this economy.


My meeting last night really made me think about how important it is to surround yourself with awesome people.   It’s the difference between success and failure.  After being somewhat fuzzy headed from this waiting process, I now have new energy.  One simple meeting with the right person has given me the charge I need.  


I continue to grow a following on Twitter & Facebook.  My online friends provide me a wealth of information and are invaluable.


Imagine what you could do with an entire A-Team of people on your side?


Infinite Possibilities 😉



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  1. Very sage advice! Loving your blog!

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