Power in Numbers

5,000 Friends is my Facebook goal.  That’s the MAX allowed or it would be higher.

Why do I keep adding friends?

I’ll admit it’s a lot to manage and sometimes overwhelming. My reason, Power in Numbers.

All it takes is that one simple message update, comment or reply from a friend to ignite a spark; create an idea or change your direction.

Today was a clear example of exactly this.  

“Lisa Tweakz Reading up on how to get my product on HSN and QVC.”  This was my post from the other day on Twitter and Facebook.  Not much response, but today I received a comment that made all the difference.

HSNShoppingDivaRT @tweakzme: Reading up on how to get my product on HSN…[Normal way: http://is.gd/H8yv. Fun way with Kelly Ripa & TLC: http://is.gd/BnpY]

The 2nd link sent to me from HSNShoppingDiva, is for the casting of a new Inventors show!  Take a look:

Women Inventor Show Casting Information

This is right up my alley and I had No Idea about this show. The deadline for a video submission is July 1st.  My prototype is being reworked and will have to submit by then.

Thanks to the power of Facebook and Twitter, I’ve never been so connected and in-tune to what’s happening!  Call this response  fate or fluke, I believe it’s Power in Numbers.

I feed off the brain power and creativity of my online community and continue to build my arsenal of knowledge.

More Contacts = Increased Possibilities.  Please know, this is a 2-Way street.  I strive to be a responsive friend and add value when possible.  Although I can’t comment on every post, I promise to respond to all direct personal messages.  I’m always available to offer guidance and encouragement.

The support and talent of the people I meet online is truly amazing. THANK YOU!


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2 responses to “Power in Numbers

  1. Thanks for the information, it’s really useful and I’ll pass this on to my subscribers to help them. Keep up the great work and look forward to networking more.

    Light and Love……Margit x

  2. Cindy Moore

    Lisa, I agree with your post! Social networking online brings a wealth of information. I’m surprised daily at what I receive from my online circle. Let me know if I can help your journey in any way.

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