It’s a wrap for June, video pitch done!

I just finished my video pitch for TWEAKZ this weekend.  Happy that I didn’t push the July 1st deadline until the last minute……I work great under pressure! 

Tirelessly all week I edited pitch after pitch.  Never realized how unforgiving video was until I started filming myself.  I make so many weird expressions with my face, I will definitely be more cognizant about this going forward and somewhat paranoid.  

Having the video finished is a big accomplishment for me, especially since it was made all by myself. 

What a relief to be done with it! 

It’s now in the hands of Casting to determine if Tweakz will be a good fit for the show.  I’m proud to say that I did my best with the video.

Women Inventor Show Casting Information

I showed the video to one of my friends and she was really impressed. This made me feel good since I’m my worst critic.

Thank you to all of my online friends for your advice and support.

I really hope that you will be seeing me on the widescreen HD TV!


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3 responses to “It’s a wrap for June, video pitch done!

  1. Denise Vargas

    Congrats on finishing your video! Keep us posted when you hear from the show. I’m sending all of my positive vibes your way 🙂

  2. Maria Neely

    How exciting Lisa! Many marks for you on taking your idea to the next level. Not many have the courage or dedication to do so. Can’t wait to see your next post once your accepted to the show!

  3. Sarah Evans

    When do you expect to find out if you made the cut?

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