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Prototypes coming soon!

I’ve spent months contemplating design issues.  Hopefully, I worked out all the kinks….. the working prototype will tell the truth.  I ordered them today at QuickParts , competitive pricing and responsive service.  Should have within the next week.   

Lately it seems like for every step forward, I take 2 steps back!  This can be frustrating.  I try to remain positive and keep up my momentum.  

The local library has been a great resource.  Instead of buying endless books that I’ll never read again, I’ve been checking them out.   It’s also very GREEN and I’m all for that!!  Believe it or Not,  the library has a great selection from recent best sellers to old favorites.  Even more so, tons of audio books.   I just picked up “Eat, Pray & Love” on CD and also Donny Deutsch book “The Big Idea”.  

Constantly keeping good stuff in my head has been vital to keeping focus. 

Even though I had a discouraging day, the little acts of progress make me so happy 🙂

Check out my new blog banner that I made myself via mac.  I’m very pleased with it.

I love technology, but usually find myself in a constant struggle with it.   I really want to move my wordpress blog to be self hosted.  This way, I will have far more plug-in options and flexiblity.  However, it will usually take me hours of time to figure out.  Yes, there is the option of paying someone to handle this for me.   I’m still debating the issue.

I’ll be posting again once I receive my first prototypes.  

The online community that I’m connecting with via facebook and twitter have been amazing!  I appreciate the continued support.

Happy Cinco de Mayo Everyone!


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As Donny Says, There’s Got to Be a Better Way!

Is your work like the Office Space sitcom?  Mine was for awhile.

As Donny says on CNBC “There’s Got to Be A Better Way” and there is.

Everyone wants the American Dream of owning their own business and calling the shots.  It’s not just about money. It’s about the freedom, controlling your own destiny, the challenge.  

Most of us don’t take action, we just talk about it.  

I’m guilty of this. I took a ride on the office drama bandwagon for years, constantly groaning about my corporate job.  It was easier to complain about my circumstance then to make a change.

I watched Donny’s show “The Big Idea” consistently for a year before I decided to take action.  For those who don’t know the show, it’s an entrepreneur encouragement show.  It features every day entrepreneurs making their dreams reality.  Finally, I got to the point where I was sick of watching everyone else make it happen.   This was my turn!  Just what I needed to get off the caboose and take the reins.


I’m not telling you to throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks.  You should only make calculated business moves. An opportunity that you can slowly transition into in a financially responsible way.

Actively seek and find your inspiration wherever you can.  Once you get your mind right, you’ll be amazed at how quickly inspired ideas will come to you.  Get Into the Groove!

Your only as good as the company you keep.  If your the smartest cookie in your group, then widen your circle of friends.  

Here’s a few things that worked for me;

  1.      Start associating with groups of like minded people;


  1.      Here’s a book that will get you pumped – The 4-Hour Work Week


  1.      Inspirational Thoughts of the day –


  1.      Make it Happen with Mel Robbins – She will give you straight talk!


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