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Earth Day – Respect your planet!

Just finished watching Oprah’s show on Earth Day.  

Over the last few years, I’ve really cleaned up my act.  I don’t buy bottled water, use reusable bags and really try to limit my waste.  Every little bit counts.  Even though I’ve seen shows about the impact of our massive waste on the environment before……. this one really got to me.  

It really pressed my buttons because it showed the innocent animals fallen victim to our waste.  

We have a massive heap of trash floating in our oceans the size of Texas!  A majority of this waste is plastics.

Pictures were shown of the affected marine animals.

A turtle full grown with a plastic ring stuck around his shell.  It was deformed like an hour glass.

Birds stuck in  plastic bags.

Even worse, animals simply trying to eat and mistaking the plastic bags for food.

The animals deserve better and we need to respect our environment.

Nature, Wildlife, Our Planet, Humans – WE ARE ALL CONNECTED

Time to make a change.

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